Please wear mask during in-person appointments, lab draws

May 08, 2020

Family Care Network's top priority is to protect our patients and staff during the coronavirus pandemic. We are committed to keeping our clinics and lab draw stations open and safe, so we can continue to provide needed medical care.

To reduce the risk of exposure or spread of the virus, we request that all patients being seen in person (clinic or lab) wear a face mask. This follows CDC guidelines for wearing a mask in public settings. 

At this time, our supply of face masks is still extremely low. While we work to secure additional supplies, we ask that patients who have their own mask please bring it to their appointment. This will help us conserve masks for those who don't have one and keep an adequate supply on hand for our providers and staff. 

Patients with active symptoms (cough, fever, etc.) should call ahead to describe their symptoms before seeking in-person care. Family Care Network has protocols in place to evaluate patients in their car and limit exposure if a patient must be seen in the clinic.

Read more about Family Care Network's response to COVID-19 here: COVID-19 >>

Thank you for your understanding and support!