Family Care Network CareLink is a secure, online healthcare portal that allows external healthcare entities (such as referring providers and insurance auditors) to view relevant patient information within Family Care Network’s instance of Epic. 

Who uses FCN CareLink?

  • Community physicians and their staff 
  • Skilled nursing facilities, nursing homes, hospice, long-term care facilities and home health agencies
  • Outside referring providers and physicians
  • Other entities that would need access for treatment, payment, or operations

To sign up:

Please visit and click “Request New Account” to begin the application for CareLink access. This can be used to set up a new site or add users to an existing site.

If you need assistance with the application, please call FCN CareLink support at (360) 318-8800, ext. 1301.


What type of New Account Request should I select?

When you start the application, select the most appropriate option.

  • Create a new site: Choose “Request access for new site”
    • Every site needs a Site Administrator, which can be added at the bottom of the user setup page. Any role type can be a Site Administrator (Provider, Clinical Staff, or Non-Clinician), and your site can have more than one Site Administrator.
  • Add users to an existing site: Choose the correct role for the new user (Provider, Clinical Staff, or Non-Clinician)
  • Auditors: Choose “Request access for a requester”
What happens after I submit my request for access?

Your application will be reviewed by Family Care Network to ensure it is appropriate to grant access to CareLink for identified users. Please allow 3-5 business days. Upon approval, a username and temporary password will be sent via securely encrypted email.

Are there instructions for using CareLink, after access has been approved?

Go to the Quick Links section after logging in to CareLink. It contains additional tips and instructions for navigating FCN’s CareLink portal.

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