Laboratory Services

Lab draws at Family Care Network are by appointment. Schedule your appointment at If you need assistance with scheduling, please call (360) 746-3850 (Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm).

Walk-ins are welcome as space allows.

Laboratory Services

Lab Locations

We offer convenient, onsite lab draw stations at the following locations.

Lab draws are by appointment.

Walk-ins welcome as space allows.

Requisition Fax: (360) 714-3150

Lab Results

Lab results are sent directly to your health care team as soon as they are available. If you are an established FCN patient, after results are reviewed by your physician they are also made available through our secure patient portal.

Lab Charges

Lab charges are billed separately from your office visit. You will receive a statement from FCN and/or our partner lab (such as LabCorp, Avero Diagnostics, or University of Washington), depending on the test(s) ordered. Copays or coinsurance are applied to each lab that provided testing services, according to the terms of your specific insurance coverage.

If you have questions about your lab bill, please call the number listed on your statement. For questions about copays or coinsurance, please contact your insurance provider.

A special note for our local providers

Our lab is open to non-Family Care Network patients. If you are a non-Family Care Network provider and would like to order labs from us for your patients, please call (360) 380-0907 to request an order packet. The packet includes important ordering information and our required lab requisitions.

Family Care Network is a physician-owned company that has a financial interest in the ancillary services provided in our facilities, such as clinical lab services, diagnostic testing, or specialty care. You have the option to use an alternate facility for services ordered, and will not be treated differently if you choose to do so. We will provide a list of appropriate alternate facilities if you would like to receive services elsewhere.

Lab Services