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Email sent in error

Mar 21, 2023 | News

Family Care Network recently learned that a batch of email messages was sent to FCN patients over the weekend with information about MyChart activation and online check in. The messages were sent in error from an internal FCN messaging test environment. The functionality that allowed the messages to go out was turned off on Monday.

We want to reassure all patients who received the email that it was a legitimate message that originated with FCN, and no data was compromised or breached. Messaging in the test environment followed all the standard security precautions that are in place for our regular messaging environments.

FCN’s InTouch Patient Portal is still active, and patients should continue to use it for messaging their care team. Later this spring, MyChart will replace our current patient portal. Patients will receive advance notification with instructions on how to sign up and use its many great features. When we activate MyChart, messaging will include an active link and be branded as an FCN instance of MyChart.

Please accept our sincere apologies for any confusion. For additional questions related to this incident, please use the Contact Us form. For other questions about MyChart or the patient portal, please contact your clinic.