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Telemedicine Video

Using telemedecine is secure, easy and convenient. 

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Scheduled telemedicine visits: 

Connect with your regular doctor at a time that works for you.

To schedule a telemedicine visit:

  • Call your clinic and ask for a telemedicine appointment. 
  • Self-schedule through our InTouch patient portal (requires a portal account).  

Portal Scheduling

Request portal account >>

  • You will receive check-in instructions and a link to the virtual waiting room for your provider.

New patients

New patients can be seen via telemedicine! Click the button to find a doctor accepting new patients, then call the clinic to set up a new patient appointment.

On-Demand Telemedicine for Urgent Care:

Connect with an available provider – during the day, in the evening and on weekends. No appointment needed.

Monday-Friday: 8am-9pm
Saturday, Sunday and Holidays: 9am-5pm

Closed Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.


Check your camera and microphone with a Pre-Call Test >>

Please do not check in for scheduled telemedicine visits with your regular doctor through On-Demand.
Follow the check-in instructions provided by your clinic. You will receive a link from your clinic and/or provider directing you to the correct virtual waiting room. If you don't have check-in information for your scheduled visit, please contact your clinic.

Please call your clinic or use your InTouch Patient portal account for all routine care and questions, such as refill requests, COVID-19 info, etc.

How it works:

Telemedicine is secure (HIPAA compliant) and easy to use. You will see and speak to your provider using video conferencing technology. 

What you'll need:

  • A smartphone, computer or tablet with a forward facing camera and microphone
  • Ability to receive a text message or email
  • A good internet connection
  • Browser Tip: Use Chrome or Safari. Do not use Explorer.

To test your device's camera and microphone:

Pre-Call Test

    To start a telemedicine appointment:

    • Follow the check-in instructions provided by your clinic.
    • You will receive a link via text or email that takes you to a virtual waiting room. Follow the prompts to check in.
    • Always ALLOW access to your camera and microphone.
    • Your provider will start the visit and talk to you via video to evaluate and treat your medical concern.

    Please note: Your provider may determine it is better to see you in person. Please understand this decision is made to provide the most complete, appropriate care.

    When to use telemedicine:

    Telemedicine works well for a variety of visit types:

    • Mild cases of cold, cough, sore throat, sinus infections, vomiting, diarrhea, other infections, etc. (especially if you are otherwise healthy)
    • Mild cases of back pain, sprain, strain, or bruising
    • Mental health concerns such as depression and anxiety
    • Routine follow-up visits for chronic conditions
    • Routine medication review
    • Well exams (child, teen and adult) (not covered by all insurance plans)
    • Medicare Comprehensive Health Assessment
    • Medical goal setting or advanced care planning

    Please note: Your provider will determine if your specific medical concern is appropriate for telemedicine. Routine or ongoing care and well exams should be scheduled with your regular doctor. 


    Telemedicine visits are billed just like a normal in-office visit. 

    • Copay and/or deductible may apply, depending on your specific insurance plan.
    • You will receive a bill in the mail that shows the amount you owe after your insurance plan has paid their portion.

    There may be times when a telemedicine visit needs to be converted to an in-office visit. In these instances, there would not be a charge associated with the telemedicine portion of the care.

    Visits that are not appropriate for telemedicine:

    The following types of visits typically require a physical exam, which must be done in person.

    • Welcome to Medicare visits
    • L&I visits (for on-the-job injuries)
    • Complex or severe injuries
    • Severe infections
    • Other complex or severe medical issues that require an in-person evaluation

    FCN clinics have strong preventive measures in place to keep our clinics safe for all patients who need to be seen in person. 

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